Sunday Morning Worship 10:00am

      Monday Night Prayer room Antiphonal worship 7:00pm

      Tuesday Harp and Bowl Prayer Service  7:00pm

      Wednesday Night Water Walkers Student Ministries 6:30pm 

      Thursday Night school of the spirit at Doris Mills call 386-871-3511    

      for details

Prayer times:

      Sunday's Time of power 9:30

Prayer room is open on:

      Monday: 12am-?am 9am-4pm 7:00pm-?pm

      Tuesday:12am-?am 9am-4pm 7:00pm-?pm

      Wednesday12am-?am 9am-4pm 6:30pm-?pm

      Thursday: 12am-?am 9am-4pm 7:00pm-?pm

      Friday:12am-?am 9am-4pm 

      Friday Night second weekend of each month 6pm-9pm Sat

      Saturday Night:  6:00-9:00ppm